Part 3: Launch

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MSH Program Part 3 Mockup.png

Part 3: Launch


Launching your product to market

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*Includes KITS - Manufacturer Sourcing, Packaging & Pricing

Getting your first sale is the most exciting and nerve wracking part of the process. Yet so many startups leave the sales to chance - hoping and praying someone will buy once their website is up and running. Creating a plan that generates results and look like you’re a valuable brand and reputable business is the fastest way to become successful. If you want more sales and to be taken seriously as a new startup, this is for you.

What you'll learn:

  • Which manufacturer is right for you - local vs offshore

  • Creating an instruction manual for your product

  • Costing and how to get it right

  • Creating a supply chain map and workback schedule

  • Manufacturer lingo

  • How to price your product - cost or value based

  • Creating a brand vs a logo

  • Selling your product - where & when

  • Legalities of labelling

  • Leveraging packaging as a selling technique

What you’ll get:

  • Secure manufacturer

  • Design Packaging

  • Create pricing

  • Launch & Sales plan

What is needed:

  • Sample Yardage

  • Design/CAD

  • Prototype

  • Tech Pack

  • Patterns