Part 1: Create

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MSH Toolkit mockups (3).png
MSH Program Part 1 Mockup.png

Part 1: Create


Design ideas people will love

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*Includes KITS - Big Idea & Design

Successful products start with powerful ideas - powerful ideas are made up of a bunch of little ideas that all go together to create a solution that the world can’t live without. Fleshing out your ideas and sticking them all together in a way that makes sense so a designer can translate that into an EXTRAORDINARY product is the key to your success. Start here if you’re ready to stretch the limits of your idea and want to know how to stick them all together to make your product.

What you'll learn:

  • Power of your big vision

  • How to create products that matter

  • Eliminating the competition

  • Why & How you need to shop for samples

  • Designing your dream customer

  • It takes a village to create a product

What you’ll get:

  • Big Idea Map

  • Sample shopping Checklist

  • Feedback & insights from real people

  • Dream Customer Design

What is needed:

  • Good idea

  • Passion

  • Commitment

  • Perseverance