Our Family


Sheena & Monique spent their previous lives in the trenches of the Canadian fashion industry - working with major brands & retailers travelling the world, learning the ropes & getting the inside scoop on what it takes to succeed in today’s market. Realizing that their passions were in helping others, it was time to take what they knew and translate their expertise &  contacts into a powerful platform to help people build cool sh*t & launch their dreams - MSH District was born.

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Sheena Repath ~ Chief of Making Sh*t Happen

WHO AM I … Sunshine & Rainbows

LOVE... Dance parties, everything winter, my family, everything kale, people telling me no, just makes me more creative

HATE … Tire kickers, people who say they can’t, products that don’t have a reason

DON’T EVER ...Tell me  I can’t to do something


PEOPLE SAY I...Inspire them to dream big

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) … An MSH community of 1 billion people

MY WHY...Unleashing Human Potential

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Monique Bryan - Chief Treasure Hunter

WHO AM I … Refreshingly Bold

LOVE... Singing in the shower, sunny beaches,everything chocolate, family, travelling in style

HATE … People who don’t bother to try, complaining (even when it’s me)

DON’T EVER … Tell me I can’t do something… but if you do it will probably make me better

FAMOUS WORDS … Dry as toast - applies to people, product, all things boring

PEOPLE SAY I...Inspire them to be better … after I tell it like it is

BHAG … Mastermind Retreat on Richard Branson's private Island

MY WHY… A life by design