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Sheena Repath
Chief of Making Sh*t Happen

Our Big Vision


Fashion products have the ability to change the world - not just through the power of the product and the revenue generated by the business - more so because the ripple effect, the average product requires the help of 100 people to bring it to market. That means with every product that becomes a successful and sustainable business we impact the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.

Our mission is to #UNLEASHPOTENTIAL - human potential, idea potential and industry potential through our creation of a new way of making, making with success in mind.  A funny things happens when you show people their ideas matter, they take audacious actions towards bringing those ideas to market.

Join us in transforming this century old industry for good!        BE AMAZING

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Toronto is ripe to shake up the fashion scene and MSH is the place to start.
— Steve Tam, Indiegogo
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The caliber of entrepreneurs & ideas that MSH brought together was very exciting. Alongside a powerful team of advisors with a breadth of knowledge & expertise.
— Abigail Slater, SheEO

Meet Our Founder

Sheena Repath has spent her previous life in the trenches of the Canadian fashion industry - working with major brands & retailers travelling the world, learning the ropes & what it takes to succeed in today’s market. Realizing that her passion was in helping others, she knew it was time to translate her expertise & contacts into a powerful platform to help entrepreneurs build, test & launch their dreams - MSH District, a Fashion Startup Fund, was born.


WHO AM I … Sunshine & Rainbows

LOVE... Dance parties, everything winter, my family, everything kale, people telling me no, just makes me more creative

HATE… Tire kickers, people who say they can’t, products that don’t have a reason

DON’T EVER ...Tell me  I can’t to do something


PEOPLE SAY I... Inspire them to dream big

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)… An MSH community of 1 billion people

MY WHY... Unleashing Human Potential