How it Works


Turn your ideas into real products with industry training & support from our MAKE SH*T THAT SELLS program.


Pitch your idea & product to dozens of industry experts and get it market ready in 3 days at our HACK-A-THON


Win $25,000 no strings attached with our STARTUP FUND, plus contacts & a team of experts to get you to your first sale. 


The Programs

Tons of businesses fail not because of bad products, but because of half-baked ideas. Getting your ideas out of your head so you can design them into an extraordinary product is a complex process and we show you how to make sh*t happen like a pro.



Our 3 day rapid prototyping event brings together dozens of industry experts, makers, retailers and investors to test big ideas and show you how to transform them into products that sell - building your prototype right before your eyes.


The Fund

A group of people with a common vision and a passion for making sh*t happen come together to support disruptive change to the status quo. Our startup fund was created by individuals, brands and retailers who believe that together we can create an exciting future.