A Co-Creation Platform

"Turning products into platforms for innovation"

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Cultivating an environment that fosters uninhibited ideation for limitless possibilities - accelerating innovation through our Co-Creation platform.

The future depends on your ability to create the unknown.


How it Works

Ideas are a dime a dozen….with millions of them in the world how do you identify the winners and cultivate them into innovative products??

MSH District...(we are not a tech company!!)

We work with brands, retailers & manufacturers to discover leading edge ideas in order to co-create innovative products that produce powerful opportunities for growth.


Cultivating ideas through our Open -Innovation Platform where they are validated and brought to life.


Connecting a Curated Global Network of brands, suppliers & manufacturers to collaborate & elevate apparel innovations.


Transforming products into platforms with our proprietary methodology & Co-Creation Accelerator program.


The Main Event

Transforming ideas into products that sell - our 3 day Hack-A-Thon!

“MSH is doing things the right way, at the right time. Everyone needs to be inspired, so not to fall into the dogma of others dreams and aspirations. MSH inspires this through action, not words.”
— Drew Green, CEO Indochino
Toronto is ripe to shake up the fashion scene and MSH is the place to start.
— Steve Tam, Indiegogo
The Hack-A-Thon event is a crash course for fashion-based startups saving hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. I only wish they had this when I was starting out!”
— Joanna Griffiths, CEO Knixwear
The caliber of entrepreneurs & ideas that MSH brought together was very exciting. Alongside a powerful team of advisors with a breadth of knowledge & expertise.
— Abigail Slater, SheEO

It's time to make sh*t happen.