Who Inspires Us: East Coast Lifestyle


We're taking a trip to the eastside for our 'Who Inspires Us' today with East Coast Lifestyle

What they do - East Coast Lifestyle (or ECL) is all about representing your east coast heritage, wearing it like a badge of pride, and also giving back to the community through outreach programs.  Founded by east coast native, Alex MacLean (when he was 21 years old attending Acadia University) with just 30 hoodies, ECL is now a coast-to-coast movement with international eyes checking them out.

Why they are amazing - They are MANY reasons why ECL is amazing.  Alex was able to identity a connection that was shared by people and create a product that spoke to that connection.  With that established, ECL has become a project that really nails that 'full circle' approach to community building.

We love the branding and the story behind ECL and we are ALL ABOUT Alex's spirit, drive and passion to MAKE IT HAPPEN! If you'd like to read some more info on ECL, check out this article in the Globe and Mail