Test Your Idea in 3 Easy Steps

Test Your Idea in 3 Easy Steps. MSH District - Fashion Startup Fund. Don't wait until its too late - get our FREE crap tester today!! There is nothing worse than investing your life savings and months of hard work only to find out you missed the mark and made a product no one will buy. mshdistrict.com/blog/test-your-idea

Your idea is GREAT, does your product match?

We are on a mission to stop the making of crap products. That's products that no one needs or wants, products that don't make the world a better place.

We designed a FREE TOOL to help you ensure you aren't building crap - a simple tool to help you ensure that your BIG IDEA has an EXTRAORDINARY PRODUCT to represent it.

Wonder what I'm talking about? DOWNLOAD IT HERE:


Did you miss our #HackItLIVE session this week where we discussed how to assess your product to make sure it isn't a CRAP PRODUCT? You can listen to it now: