How To Hack Social Media

How To Hack Social Media. MSH District - Fashion Startup Fund. Social media isn't one size fits all - today we uncover how to tackle a social strategy for a fashion startup - Are you screwing it up?? Join us today on this episode we talk about exactly what you need to do and how to get it done!

"Don't create, DOCUMENT" - Gary Vaynerchuk

Social Media - the right, wrong and the ugly!!

This week we got the opportunity to catch up with one of our clients, Joanna MacDonald the founder of Piper & Skye - a luxury leather bag company who is doing good for humankind with the design and sale of every bag.

Jo had an AWESOME question about social media - 'HOW TO FIGURE WHAT CHANNELS AND CONTENT WAS RIGHT FOR MY CUSTOMER' a powerful question because social can be a great tool or your worst enemy. Listen to how to tackle this topic so you can spend your time focusing on the right things.


The greatest tool we have found to navigate social media and find your voice so you can shout it from the rooftops is JAB JAB JAB RIGHT HOOK BOOK - The only source you need for #MakingShitHappen, Gary Vaynerchuk is a genius.

Pop over and say hello to PIPER & SKYE on social - when we go together and we lift as we grow we will all succeed. Let us know what you think in the comments below and make sure to take our free quiz here:


Thank you for being amazing - Now get back to Making Sh*t Happen!