Who inspires us: SupaMaasai


We're going to be focusing on a great company SupaMaasai for today's edition of 'Who Inspires Us'

What they do - There is giant growth sweeping through the continent of Africa and it's fantastic to see a company such as SupaMaasai working with that growth.  They focus on providing opportunities for women and young girls from the Maasai community and strive to improve the standard of living in these areas.  They do this by running various events, such as fundraisers, donation campaigns & other initiatives with the purpose of increasing development projects for the Maasai and building awareness of the challenges they face.

Why they are amazing - This is a perfect example of community-created change.  The founder of SupaMaasai, Teriano Lesancha, was born Loodariak which is a small village in Kenya.  Through support from her community and assisted by World Vision, she is a graduate of the School of Social Work at Ryerson University and has made it her focus to provide others from her community with the same opportunities.  This entire project is a perfect example of the expression "It takes a village to raise a child"

Teriano & SupaMaasai are fantastic role models for inspiring and accomplishing change. We think that bridge the gap between developed countries such as Canada and growing areas such as Kenya will have positive change for all involved.  

Check out more information on the SupaMaasai website, where you read more about their projects and make donations towards empowering the community