Who Inspires Us: The Empowerment Plan


Today for 'Who Inspires Us' we're going to be telling you about The Empowerment Plan

What they do - Empowerment Plan embodies the triple bottom line - People, Planet, Profit - they manufacture and distribute amazing brand new winter jackets to the homeless in Detroit that they have designed to convert into sleeping bags. Not only are they doing good by providing a necessity to help them survive but they are empowering women with their local manufacturing facility to produce these amazing jackets - All while feeding the local economy with healthy & sustainable business - it is possible to give back and create better opportunities for others while building a business!!

Why they are amazing - They have put PEOPLE at the heart of everything they do, making sure that every step & process the company takes is uplifting the people of their community by providing opportunities for a better life. A funny thing happens when you show people you care, its an infectious solution that empowers people to take control of their lives

We love Empowerment plan because they have taken a run down industry and turned it around to provide, hope and possibility to many sectors - proof that one person can make a difference just by putting PEOPLE at the heart of everything we do.

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