Who Inspires Us: Kitts


Our spotlight today for 'Who Inspires Us' is on a fantastic brand, Kitts

What they do - KITTS is an underwear company that believes that everyone is entitled to the basic necessity of a brand new pair of underwear - giving humanity the dignity they deserve during tough times. We all take underwear for granted, an item we wear everyday - however we never consider that people in our own community are going without this simple item that supports healthy living and confidence.

Why they are amazing - They believe there are no small acts of kindness - everything you do to help another human being has the potential to make a huge impact. That is why KITTS is a B Corp - a company who focuses on their impact versus just their profit.

We love Kitts because EVERYONE deserves the respect and support that a new pair of underwear can provide and together we can show people in our own communities that we care. Are your underwear impacting the life of others?