Who Inspires Us: Bombas Socks


What they do - BOMBAS socks is revolutionizing an industry that has been status quo for decades - transforming the basic sock into a product that helps you look, feel and BE BETTER,  so you can live life your way.

Why they are amazing - Bombas is more than just another sock company, they realized that socks are more than just something we wear on our feet - they are a critical piece to providing comfort, warmth and support!! On their mission to revolutionize how socks are made and enjoyed they found that this basic need wasn’t being met for a lot of people since many of us don’t donate socks to those in need - so Bombas decided that the one for one model was the right fit.

We love Bombas because they believe we should all work together to make the world a better place. Taking something as simple as socks and transforming it into a vehicle for change helps each of us do better when we live better.