Congrats to Lesli Ink!!


So we needed to take a slight interlude from our normal posts for a special announcement.  We've mentioned a while ago about setting milestones and taking a break to celebrate, well we've got some celebration-worth news.

Lesli Ink, lead by MSH District advisor Lesli Ferguson and her team, have won HOW Magazine's 2015 "Best Of Show" International Design Award!!!

Within the design space, this is a very significant award.  Lesli Ink was selected from over 1000 applicants for their 'Cast of Characters' piece, and received the highly sought-after award.

Why are celebrating?? Well, Lesli Ink is the reason that you see MSH District as you do! Lesli and her team have been working with us since the ground floor and building our brand to helping us communicate to you what we're about.   They are also the team of creative genius to whom we entrust all MSH District members who are in need of design & branding work. 

We couldn't have asked for a better partner and we look forward to working with you guys for many more years!! Congrats!!