Who inspires us: Ivy & Alex


Today's inspiration comes from an absolutely fantastic brand called Alex & Ivy and their story is amazing!!

What they do - An incredible brand built by young minds to create opportunities for other young people in developing countries. IVY & ALEX is a clothing brand for kids, built & designed by kids right here in Canada - Imagine reversible dresses that are giving back to young girls around the world, showing them that someone cares about their future by providing them with a community and the funds needed to provide food, shelter & education.

Why they are amazing - IVY & ALEX was founded by a beautiful 11 year old girl who is determined to make a difference in this world by bringing her friends together to sell & promote a product where proceeds go to support the World Vision organization. One person with a passion for giving back has rallied her closest friends to create waves of opportunity for other young girls in countries she hasn’t even visited yet - all because she believes that all little girls deserve a friend.

We love Ivy & Alex because it is proof of what is possible when we give anyone, including kids the space to explore their passions and ideas. Kudos to this young lady’s Mom, Jackie Dinsmore - serial entrepreneur, for allowing her daughter the opportunity to go after her dreams & ideals for how the world should be.

If you'd like to help out, you can do so through their Indiegogo Campaign and check them out & follow them on twitter: @Ivyandalex_