Who inspires us: Tuck Shop Trading Co.


It wouldn't be Wednesday without your weekly does of INSPIRATION!  We love sharing with you the people that inspire us and we hope they inspire you too.  This week we're going to focusing on the folks at Tuck Shop Trading Co.

What they do - Taking the iconic Canadian Toque and transforming it into something personal that we all fell in love with!!! Each toque is adorned with your favourite neighbourhood, so you can show off & represent the hood you love in Toronto.

Why they are amazing - K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) so many times we feel that a business must be complex to get people excited, quite the contrary and that is what makes these City of Neighbourhood toques such a special find.

We love Tuck Shop Trading Co. because they are all things iconically Canadian - Neighbourhood toques, cottage coats and all made in Canada - Lyndsay has captured the hearts of her customer who she proves she knows inside and out!!

Does Tuck Shop Trading Co. inspire you too? Well these are the types of products that we LOVE to create.  Join us at our 3 day, rapid prototyping Hack-A-Thon to build a product that will help inspire others.