Advisor Spotlight: Carly Burnett, Mark Strang, Theresa Maguire, Tim Ray


Carly Burnett

Turned flip flops into makeup for your feet that celebrities fell in love with

Transforms simple ideas into marketing geniuses

Keeps marketing & brand development simple so customers get it



Mark Strang

Sales Guru, Disrupting the skate/snowboard world for decades

Drives new brands, products & ideas into unknown markets successfully

Thinks like a startup and does business like the big guys

Theresa Maguire

Visionary product development leader for  Aritzia, Club Monaco & Boathouse

Makes the complex simple in manufacturing so you can bring new ideas to life

Knows how to get what she wants from supply partners to drive profitability on new ideas

Tim Ray

Passionate innovator, entrepreneur & angel investor focused on the development of niche markets

Loves scaling new ideas and disrupting old business models

Finds new ways to insert fresh ideas into existing businesses, create opportunities for all