Hack-A-Thon Recap: What is Branding & why is it important


Our Hack-A-Thon recap today comes from the leader of the enclave at Lesli Ink, Lesli Ferguson with excerpts from her Hack-A-Thon Power Talk.

When starting a business, most people either overthink or underthink their branding (then there are the lucky ones that nail it right outta the gate!).  Here are some great mantras to look back to as you travel down your path to success!!

 - Branding doesn't start with a 'logo', BRANDING STARTS WITH A PURPOSE!! Why does your product matter? What problem are you really solving?

 - Channel you inner 2 year old and do The 'Why' Test.  Keeping asking yourself what your real purpose is until you get to the root.  See the video below for an example (Warning: NSFW for explicit language, topics and such) (**SECOND warning: more often than not, the 'Why' test ends in in a pretty morbid tone. An example being "Because I don't want to die unfulfilled".  Just a head's up)

  - If we want to get to a more 'official' definition, a BRAND is a unique and memorable name & design that is significant and different from its competitors, which attracts and retains loyal customers.

 - Graphic Design serves as a bridge between a company's purpose and its audience (and, thanks to Apple, design is a necessity not a luxury)

 - So to answer the question in your head, yes Branding includes a logo. And business cards. And a website. And a whole BUNCH of other communication pieces

 - The final thing to take away from this, is try to INSPIRE HAPPINESS!! And motive others to do the same.

We were lucky enough to be able to work with Lesli and her team at Lesli Ink for all the MSH branding, and they completely knocked it out of the park!!  Check them out Twitter & Pinterest for some amazing-ness!

"Be excellent to each other" ~Bill S. Preston, Esq.