Hack-A-Thon Recap: The Art of the Pitch by Daniela Syrovy


Today's Hack-A-Thon recaps comes from Daniela Syrovy from ClutchPR and her Power Talk about the Art of the Pitch (aka how to successfully craft a PR pitch)

 - The Art of Pitching: Make sure that you have a concise, value-driven message.  Don't use jargon. Be a straight shooter. Period

 - Personalize those Pitches: Sending individual pitches to media shows that you understand their audiences, value their work and respect their time.  Creating a one-on-one interaction is more likely to result in a conversation than bulk emails would.

 - Understand what is "newsworthy": Make sure your story would interest the media/audience. It's helpful to hinge your launch on an event, innovative social media strategy or high profile partnerships.  A journalist gets 400 pitches a day, you need to stand out.

 - Have media assets ready to go!!  High-res images, company description, bio of the founder, etc... Having these elements in your pocket can make all the difference.  If you have a high-res image ready, that can be the difference between them covering your story or not.  (Bonus tip: Get a professional photographer on your team somehow)

 - Using Social Media to your advantage:  Spread your brand and newsworthy topics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube to ensure your message is delivered to the largest audience.

 - Know your Key Messages & practice them: Step one, choose 3 key messages. Step two, practice them.  Step three, practice them AGAIN! Ensure that you deliver them.  Remember, there is no such thing as "off the record".

These points are examples of some very high-level advice that our MSH District advisors have in their back pocket! Daniela has also graciously offered a link to a free ebook titled DIY Facebooking for Business.  Thanks Daniela!!

Stay amazing people!!