You, your idea & the Hack-A-Thon... LET'S GET YOU OFF THE FENCE.


Okay, let's chat for a sec...  There are 3 types of people out there.  
1) People that have been following us and know about the Hack-A-Thon.
2) People that have heard of the Hack-A-Thon but don't really know what it is
3) People who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.

....Let's get everyone on the same page

For those of you who have been following us so far (aka Group 1), you most likely know what we're all about.  Product Innovation. Rapid Prototyping. The whole she-bang.  Anyone in the other groups though might not be that sure.

Let me tell you a story, and that story is going to illustrate what MSH & the Hack-A-Thon is all about.

Last year, myself and 3 friends of mine got together and decided to start a business.  That business was a coaching service that provided targeted high-level runners.  Y'know the type of people that jog occasionally? Not quite those people.  We're talking about people that run the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon and want to beat their time from last year, the type of people that you see running in the depths of February in Toronto.  The ones that you see when you're standing there shivering and wonder 'What the hell are they DOING?!  Those are our people.

Two of our friends are runners.  One of them, our Head Coach, is a 2x Canadian Marathon Champion (not bragging, just sayin' ;) and another one is now in love with running and is planning on running the Boston Marathon this year.  With the two of them, we felt like we had a pretty good line into the mind of our customers.   We realized that many other running groups were held through clubs, or had a freelance coach - we could see that our services were unique and brought new energy to an untapped market. What we wanted was to bring high level coaching and training to serious runners and athletes.

Anyways, that enough backstory on the company, let's get down to the point.  Our coaching services EXPLODED, like GANGBUSTERSit was great.  We then began to identify some other potential revenue streams, one of which being apparel.  We thought how amazing it would be to provide our runners with a technical product that could do the best running hoodie on the market!  As we were making it ourselves, we could brand it and have our hoodies running around the streets of Toronto!  Seriously... it'd be amazing.  So I then started to look further into the process of developing an apparel line.   

Our team consists of:
 - A Head Coach, the running expert
 - A web/branding/photography wizard
 - A pro in logistics, eCommerce, financial stuff and a couple other things (that's me)
 - An advisor that is somewhat of a ninja when it comes to social media & marketing.  

Did you notice what I didn't say? We had no one that knew how to even start making apparel.

I thought, "Hey, I worked in retail/apparel for 8 years so I knew some things (aka just enough to be dangerous) so I tried to give it a shot." We cobbled together some design after we enlisted help from a designer that just graduated from college so that was a great first steps.  She was doing fine work, based on what we were telling her, but we were basically just getting our ideas sketched out.  That process of moving along at an okay rate so, instead of getting frustrated, I figured I'd try looking for some fabric (cause we're going to definitely need that to make some samples).

I walked up, down and around all the parts of the city that sold textiles.  I phoned textile supplier all over the country (using a very outdated list) and, well, it didn't go as well as I planned.  I couldn't find anyone that could help and I couldn't even find anyone that KNEW anyone that could help.  When I asked our designer and her response was 'Oh yeah, Toronto is horrible for finding fabrics'.  Well great.....

Just as we were getting to the point where we were seriously thinking about scrapping the entire project, enter MSH.  MSH, in the form of the Chief of Making Shit Happen (get it, 'MSH') Sheena Repath, entered the scene.

This is EXACTLY what we need.  The focus of MSH is to take your ideas and/or designs (which we had) and help work with our team to flesh those ideas.   MSH was able to :
 - Tell us how some of ideas are great & how some won't work
 - Build out a couple prototypes
 - Find fabrics suppliers
 - Find pattern makers
 - Find manufacturers

This is the philosophy of what MSH District is all about.  This idea, within the next few months, will transform into an actually, physical space.  A space where entrepreneurs and other idea-have-ers can congregate and work, while being guided by an expert team of advisors, to make that idea they have in their head a reality!! So then what's the Hack-A-Thon?? It's our first intro session to this concept.  It's something that I could've brought my hoodie idea to and, in 3 DAYS, could've had a product that, again, LITERALLY TOOK ME MONTHS TO MAKE!

That's my story.  Learn from my mistakes.  Let us help you and show you that it's not that difficult, if you've got the right kind of help.  Check out more info or sign up today, right here.