Hack-A-Thon Photo Essay


Here's a little recap from the Hack-A-Thon

John explaining to Valerie Brown-Dufour of WSI World his business model & mission statement

Overhead shot of a fantastic idea from Alaina & Lesli from Lesli Ink 


Scott from Futurpreneur with Gordon & Lucas talking about the importance of data when it comes to developing your first prototype

Chantal working with Hailey from Shopify 

Mark from TOMS Shoes reviewing Maria's business model concept

A (slightly blurry) shot of incomparable Sarah from Ice Corp Logistics with Sunshine talking 'bout Quemeez


Farheen, one of our entrepreneurs, and Vladimira, one of our designers, review some design elements with Sheena


Tim & Jack talking about new concepts for All Jacked Up


The gents from Pulse Chase getting all the good info from Justin Jones (@2justinjones) of WSI

Jeff Goldenberg (@jeff_goldenberg) talking with Rennie about some lean startup techniques

Merry speaking with Sean Sedlezky (@SeanSedlezky)of Ted Rogers speaking about bridging the startup community into Africa

Photographer-ing all the things

Joanna & Guy working back-and-forth with Mark Strang & Tracie Wagman

Hayley sitting down with industry expert Kathy Cheng from WS & Company and Redwood Classic Apparel reviewing the Sleepbelt

Alia Lachana reviewing designs with Michelle