Who Inspires Us: Flint & Tinder


Well everyone, it's the last Inspiration Wednesday before the HACK-A-THON!! (Yep, all caps cause we're excited).  Today we're going to featuring Flint and Tinder

What they do - Transforming the apparel manufacturing sector - moving beyond fast fashion to create high quality basics for everyday that will last a lifetime (or at least 10 years) Bringing quality north american made products back in style is why we love this amazing brand!!

Why they are amazing - Someone told them they would need ‘flint & tinder’ to revitalize this industry and make their dream a reality and they took that advice, changed the company name and went for it!! It takes balls to go after your dreams and make positive change in the world - that is what they are all about!!!

We love Flint & Tinder because they stand for something more than just manufacturing or fashion products - they stand for a better way of life, creating healthy sustainable opportunities for others while ensuring that every step they take and product they make has passion & purpose stitched in every thread!!!

Our Hack-A-Thon is merely days away!!  We have a couple spots left so run (don't walk ;) over to our signup page and secure a ticket TODAY! (We'll be closing tickets sales by 11:59pm tonight - April 15, 2015)