Advisor Spotlight: Jessica Jensen, Petra Kassun-Mutch, Pam Martin, Drew Green

Jessica Jensen

Founder of a signature designer label of luxurious handbags and small leather goods adored by celebrities on and off the red carpet

13 years experience marketing and designing licensed and private label accessories for over 40 international brands

Proven leadership in both wholesale and retail with a focus on maximum profitability


Petra Kassun-Mutch

Petra drives all of those around her to want to strive for our greatest goals and our wildest dreams

A female powerhouse who proves passion & entrepreneurship must go hand in hand in order to succeed

Creating spaces and opportunities that fuel creativity and new opportunities for business to thrive



Pam Martin

A true leader, building & launching great fashion products & brands for decades

Passion & Drive of an entrepreneur with the Focus & Strategic thinking of a big business creates success with everything pam touches

A love for innovation and years of sourcing & product development makes anything possible

Drew Green

A leader, innovative problem-solver and passionate performer who believes the journey is the treasure

A strategic thinker with great vision for creating disruptive businesses in existing markets

Known for building strong business strategies that drive growth and profitability