Advisor Spotlight: Kathy Cheng, Tracie Wagman, Danielle Hrehicheck & Daniela Syrovy

Kathy Cheng (Final).png
Tracie Wagman (Final).png


Manufacturing guru who knows how to turn ideas into great products

Passionate about Canadian-made

Kathy knows how to build a company with products & services WANTED by the market

Knows how to build a business you're passionate about with a clear focus for delivering value & making money






The driving force behind Pistachio, an eco-friendly apothecary  & paper shop, owned by Indigo Books

Brand Creation, Retail & Product Assortment are Tracie's secret powers

Tracie's laser vision allows her to quickly create strategies to launch new ideas



Canadian Olympic Team Outfitter & All Things Fashion

Responsible for building & executing the HBC Olympic Collection

Marketing = Story telling + Strategic Placement


PR Maven who loves getting you in front of important people

Master juggler who puts your goals at the forefront & works with you to achieve mega success

Female leader in the industry that people look to for who's who & the latest news in the market