Who inspires us: Jennifer Lee Koss & Kena Paranjape - BRIKA


Well, it's the middle of the week and you know what that means... it's time to share with you some of our inspirations, Jen Koss & Kena Paranjape from BRIKA!!!


If you haven't heard of BRIKA, get in the loop!  As curators of artisanal products, created by amazing makers from around the globe, BRIKA is making a giant stamp on their market.  BRIKA's tenants revolve around the belief of beauty & uniqueness of artisans and, in order to propel that belief, they've crafted a platform to help deliver that message.  BRIKA allows artisans to tell their story and helps them get into the hands & homes of people everywhere


Kena & Jen are all about passion.  They love the craft, creativity & passion that artisans bring to the products & brands.  These ladies believe that products don't need to be mass produced to be amazing.  There are many artisans out there that simply need the tools to get their product out there and BRIKA is what makes that happen!


BRIKA believes in people and the power of ideas.  They focused their entire business around creating opportunities for designers, creators & makers.  They allow those people to take their ideas and turn them into a business that can be shared with the world!

Does this sound unbelievably exciting? Do you want to meet & work with Kena from BRIKA? All you need to do is sign up for the our Hack-A-Thon and you'll be on the path to making shit happen!!