#Whattheheck - products made of "fabric"


So you've heard a lot about our Hack-A-Thon (p.s. sign up here, just sayin') but you might be wondering about some things.  #WHATTHEHECK aims to answer some of those questions that might be running through your mind.

So, let's talk about "Products made of fabric" and what the heck that means, like what kind of products we're talking about.

The immediate thought is "Oh, they're talking about FASHION products!".  That kind of makes sense because fashion product are usually made of fabric but take a second and think about everything that you use on a daily basis that's also made of fabric.

We are talking about INNOVATIVE products! Let me give you some examples:

Sleep Belt


FuelWear - The World's First Intelligent Heated Clothing

There's no need for a fashion background... Just need an idea (for a product made of fabric obviously).

There's no need to be a designer... Just need to be passionate & solving problems with your ideas.

We are talking to Engineers, Scientists, MBA Graduates, Moms, Entrepreneurs.

All you need is a vision and determination to make something.

Are you one of those people? Do you have an idea for a product? Do you have vision & determination and want to make something? Join us at our Hack-A-Thon by signing up today!