Let's breakdown why the Hack-A-Thon is for you


Still not sure if you should hit up our Hack-A-Thon? Still not tooooootally sure what it's all about?  Let's do a quick breakdown

REALLY THOUGH, WHAT'S A HACK-A-THON? Admittedly, the term "Hack-A-Thon" stems for the hardcore tech/computer space.  What they would consider a 'Hack-A-Thon' is a bunch of coders and/or programmers would do a marathon 'hacking' session.  Since this term was born, 'Hack-A-Thon' expanded passed that definition.  What the MSH Hack-A-Thon is all about is the same spirit, we've got a 3 DAY EVENT where we're focusing on rapid product prototyping Hack-A-Thon.

HANG ON, WHAT DO YOU MEAN A 'PRODUCT PROTOTYPING HACK-A-THON'? Well that's a damn good question. For a better definition of what we mean by "product", check out our blog posting for tomorrow (Saturday) but I'll give you the cliff notes.  While computer hackers would writing lines of computer code, the MSH Hack-A-Thon is focused on producing PRODUCTS!  Like I'm talking about physical products that you can hold in your hand! This is why the MSH Hack-A-Thon is a GOLD MINE for entrepreneurs that want to create their passion project.

WHAT THE HELL IS "RAPID" PROTOTYPING? "Rapid Prototyping" sounds like a bit of buzz word, kind of something makes you tilt your head a bit and wonder "What do they mean by that".  Let's make sense of those words.  

  •  - A "Prototype" is how you develop something in order to bring it to market, in order to sell it!  It's like when you would write an essay in school, a "prototype" are the drafts that you write before you have the final copy.  

  •  - What about "Rapid"? Well, when you're developing products, building various prototypes can take a loooooooong time (like months or years).  At the MSH Hack-A-Thon, we allow you achieve something in 3 days that could normally take weeks or months or years!

ADVISORS? FROM FASHION & ENTREPRENEURIAL? HUH?? The entire idea behind MSH and our Hack-A-Thon is to allow you, an entrepreneur (aka someone with a vision for a business that wants to make their vision happen!) the opportunity to develop the product they want to sell (e.g. build out their prototype).  

We are dealing with products that are made from fabric so, because of that, there are a number of ideas that are going to have a fashionable spin (and also some that don't).  You're also starting a business, or being an entrepreneur, that will allow you sell that product and leave your standard 9-to-5 job.

The MSH Hack-A-Thon will pair you up with the correct type of advisor that will help guide you along the path to successfully building your business by offering advice from their years in the game.

DESIGNERS & MAKERS? WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT ARE THEY DOING?  Our designers and makers are basically the wizards behind the Hack-A-Thon.  They will be the ones that that will the building your prototypes.  They will be the pattern makers, the sewers, the design masters and the pros that will be turning your ideas into blueprints and making them happen!

ALL THAT?!? IN 3 DAYS?? GET OUTTA HERE... No foolin', 3 days.  You might be wondering how we can take a process that might normally take weeks or months and do it in 3 days.  The real reason for this is that aren't a lot of people trying to help you, the entrepreneur, the little guy, with the big idea.  Everyone involved with MSH has been the small guy before and we know the problems we faced.  We've built a solution for you.  The MSH Hack-A-Thon. Your Hack-A-Thon.

After all that, if you want to take part in the Hack-A-Thon and make your dream happen, you can sign up here.  Go forth Entrepreneurs. Make shit happen. Be amazing