Those of you following our posts from yesterday about our fantastic partner, Shopify (known for their eCommerce prowess) may be pretty psyched to get some AMAZING advice on how to make shit happen online. We wanted to take a second and focus on the person that will be the face of Shopify at our Hack-A-Thon, Hailey Coleman

Prior to assuming the role of Offline Marketing Specialist at Shopify, Hailey is the founder of Damn Heels, a line of fold-up ballerina flats tucked into a pouch that's small enough to pop into a clutch purse.  This is a PERFECT example of someone with BIG ideas who was able to identify a need that wasn't being met, formulate a plan and make some big moves to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!!!

Hailey embodies the MSH spirit, which is just one of the reasons we're so glad to have her join us at our Hack-A-Thon. She is a perfect example of what can be done by BEING OBSERVANT and THINKING BIG!

Just in case you missed it, Hailey will be one of the advisors at our Hack-A-Thon.  She will be just one fantastic example of the kind of entrepreneurial muscle that you can have access to should you decide to join us on April 17th, 18th & 19th.  

Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW! Go here. Buy a ticket. Show up. Make Shit Happen!