Questions for MSH: Phase 1 - Where do I get started?


You like to think big? Good.  We like to think big too.  The real question is what do you when you've got a head that's exploding with ideas and you don't know where to get started?

The "Questions for MSH" (published every Monday) will help walk you through the steps on how to take the idea you've got for a new product made of fabrics.  It's all about fashion.  That fashion to be stylish, totally functional or a delightful combination of the two (that's the best one).  A great example of this would be Joanna Griffiths from Knixwear

So let's get down to business.  How the hell do you get started?  Okay, so you've got a head full of ideas with no clue how to take the next step.

Start NOW: The first step is the hardest one.  The first step is the difference between memories and dreams of what 'could have ' been.  If you don't get yourself out of bed in the morning by taking the first step, you aren't going to have much of day.  This is one of those 99% mental things, decide to start and decide to be successful.  Everything passed that point is easy.

Brainstorm EVERYTHING: Every heard someone say 'throw everything at the wall and see what sticks'? That's this step.  Right down EVERYTHING somewhere.  Carry a book around with you all the time.  Take notes on your phone.  Turn into some kind of Post-It note ninja. Something, anything to get you're thoughts out of your head.

Find OTHER entrepreneurs: Surround yourself with like-minded people in like-minded environments.  If you love comedy and what to be a comedian, it'd probably be a good idea spend time at a comedy club instead of let's say, a library.  A comedy club is your environment and it's full of comedians and people that want to laugh.  The library? Not so much. (There are of course, some exceptions)

Tell a FRIEND: Share your ideas with friends of your's, the type of people that will hold you accountable.  This REALLY makes it real and it's not just a random idea or thing you've been bouncing around.  It's recommended that you're addicted to something and you want to quit, one of the best things to do is tell your friends so they can keep you in check.  

FINAL PRODUCT: YOU'VE GOT A DOODLE!: It's a doodle, a drawing, a sketch, a SOMEthing.  Something that used to be in your brain and now it's real! You just took the first step. Congrats! Pat yourself on the back, put your head down and start MAKING SHIT HAPPEN!

Have you been reading this and thinking "OMG YOU ARE LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT ME! HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" then you are our type of folk.  Join us at our MSH Hack-a-thon and we'll show you how to make your dream into a reality!!