Questions for MSH: Phase 2 - Build the idea

Ready to Make Shit Happen? Join our Hack-A-Thon today!

Ready to Make Shit Happen? Join our Hack-A-Thon today!

So last week we touched on how to get started (the secret? start something NOW!).  Let's talk to today about what the next steps to take would be once you've got your idea formed.

Use the END to find the BEGINNING: It's called 'reverse engineering' (for a pop culture reference, check out the mediocre 2003 Affleck/Thurman flick, Paycheck).  See what you want your end goal to be, when you want to be there and then fill in the blanks up to right now. Some refer to this as building an 'Action Plan' (a to-do list) with 'Action Items' (verb-based points that you can complete "Email Ryan about marketing plan")

Think BIG to see the details: It's time to think big.  Like really big.  Where do want to be in your wildest dreams? Plan to get there, WANT to get there, then you'll get there (with some help from us if you need it.)

Set GOALS to achieve: Got that big picture now? Awesome.  Now it's about designing GOALS (or milestones) that'll give you steps along the way.  It will help make the long journey seem shorter and it'll allow to celebrate through the process.

Make a LIST of steps to get there: Just like last time, WRITE IT OUT!  Break it down into steps and prioritize what you need to do in order to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!  Boom, now you've got a list of jobs to do so you can reach your milestone, which will eventually get you to your final GIANT dream goal!

FINAL PRODUCT: BIG PICTURE & GOALS: So you've taken an idea that you had in your head, given it form and now you've got a gameplan on how you're going to get there.  Go pick up some chalkboard paint, and write all this on a WALL!! Make it somewhere that you will see it EVERYDAY!

Go forth.  Make shit happen!!

Does this sound like your particular cup of tea? Want some help?? Join us at our MSH Hack-a-thon and we'll show you how to make your dream into a reality!!